Double your Conversion
Multicall is the ideal payment system for selling digital content and services.
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Billing via premium numbers is anonymous and extremely attractive for new customers. With MultiCall, we have developed a unique solution that enables smart billing of contributions at any level.


Simple and anonymous. Ideal for making access as easy as possible and maximizing conversions for first-time buyers. If required, you can simply and elegantly migrate good customers to your desired number.


Simple and fast integration, comprehensive statistics, electronic payment advice, integrated accounts, receivable management and automatic status updates reduce your process costs to a minimum.


All payment transactions are processed via a PCI certified gateway. Extensive risk checks minimize fraud. Data storage is subject to the highest security requirements.

Always at your side

You will get exactly the support you really need from us.

From risk management, payment processing and accounts receivable management to claim management and end customer support, you can always be sure that you will receive the best possible service.

Plug & Pay

Connect the MultiCall Payment Gateway to your online shop in just a few steps: either with the MultiCall interface (API) or with ready-made plug & pay plug-ins to suit your shop system.