MultiCall is convenient, fast and above all secure – for you and your customers.
Trust in over 10 years of experience and the knowledge of the largest telephone providers in Germany.

Your customers remain your customers

The transfer of customer data to us is optional. You only transfer customer data to us if you want your end customers to be able to contact our support team or if you want to search for transactions in our online portal.

The exchange of customer and payment data takes place exclusively via SSL-encoded transmissions (always https:// instead of http://. We will be happy to inform you about further security settings in a personal conversation).

MultiCall is a project of CommDoo GmbH, a payment provider with over 10 years of experience in the processing of telephone payment solutions. The technical basis of the platform was developed in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom AG. Today the telephone numbers are switched among others at IN-telegence GmbH in Cologne.

Every transaction is thoroughly checked by us in advance. In the event that usage limits are exceeded, unusual payment patterns occur or the comparison with blocked phone numbers shows a hit, the payment process cannot be carried out.

Unfortunately, especially in the German fixed network, it can happen from time to time that one of your customers does not pay his telephone bill. In this case we automatically start the reminder and, if necessary, collection process. This process is completely free of charge for you.

Our systems are hosted in German data centers by multiple certified providers. There your data is stored as safely as nowhere else in the world.

The MultiCall interface can be used for a variety of other payment methods that are ideal for digital goods. Find out here, for example, about the payment by SEPA direct debit or payment by credit card.